Pi Club Ahmedabad visit to Bhagwati Vidhyapith Old Age Home

Pi Club Ahmedabad Visit to Old Age Home

Pi Club Ahmedabad Visit to Old Age Home

Anne frank once said, “We all live with the objective of being happy,
our lives are all different and yet the same..” Well yes.. living is a form of art.. it is not meant to be perfect.. its imperfectness and uncertainity has profound beauty.. Life is a form of Expression.. Pi Club Ahmedabad, an initiative to make this society a better place for the teenagers, by making them realise and value the morals of our society and improve connectivity amongst them, organised a meeting to the old age home at Ahmedabad..
This was a hollistic experience..i felt as if i was free from the rush and competition for the BUBBLE REPUTATION as Shakespeare described in his much recalled poem The Seven Ages.. interaction with people.. who only desire for true love and care.. and assistance ofcourse at this stage..which unfortunately some children Dont give because they tend to have some or the other Excuses.. yes..i would not say a ‘reason’ because perhaps i can assure you there can be no reason on this earth to Leave your parents at this age when they need you the most.. imagine them leaving you when you want to learn how to walk, or maybe live, or maybe when you needed shelter,food and love.. perhaps all the people in this world are differently different.. some wish to live a perfect life.. some wish for a happy life.. while some wish to sow the seeds of respect, love and contentment..that lasts..they are Wise Enough to be Foolish..! I learnt, life can be marveled not with money.. but great thoughts,optimism and wisdom..
Worrying has seldom taken away today’s troubles.. all it has taken away is today’s peace.. Lessons On Life were deeply discussed with these wise people from all walks of life.. i learnt, the most beautiful thing in this whole world is seeing your parents happy.. and knowing that you are the reason behind their happiness..in our current generation.. we have condemned peace and patience..love and respect.. friendship and relations.. but then not every sheep is black..Hope and humanity still exist.. (thankfully!!)
In life some people come as blessings.. and some come as lessons.. PiClub is both.. being a part of this cake is a blessing.. while the parts of this cake are the lessons.. i am overwhemed to have had such a wonderful and memorable time with the Pi Club.. i would like to conclude saying,’ Enjoy the little things in life.. because one day you will look back and realize that those were the big things…’
Author : Ishani Shah

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